⚠️ NativePHP is currently an alpha release and is not ready for production applications yet.

Building Your App

Building your app is the process of compiling your application into a production-ready state. When building, NativePHP attempts to sign and notarize your application. Once signed, your app is ready to be distributed.

The build process compiles your app for one platform at a time. It compiles your application along with the Electron/Tauri runtime into a single executable.

Once built, you can distribute your app however you prefer, but NativePHP also provides a publish command that will automatically upload your build artifacts to your chosen provider - this allows your app to provide automatic updates.

You should build your application for each platform you intend to support and test it on each platform before publishing to make sure that everything works as expected.

Running a build

1php artisan native:build

This will build for the platform and architecture where you are running the build.


You can also specify a platform to build for by passing the os argument, so for example you could build for Windows whilst on a Mac:

1php artisan native:build win

Possible options are: mac, win, linux.

Cross-compilation is not supported on all platforms.